Driving Rio – 18

Rio for Hot Phone Sex

They say "travel" makes you happy, so come to Rio! That's me — RIO (りお) and I'm 18.  I didn't know I could do things like this, but my boyfriend asked me to let him and his bestie make me their bukkake girl.  I didn't know what bukkake was, but his bestie had already licked me a few weeks ago when we were all a little drunk (warm sake goes down dangerously easy!!), so I said ok.  So they stood in front of me but just couldn't pull the trigger, so I had to start talking to them.  That is when I knew that when I talk, I can make a man do anything!  And within two minutes, I was rewarded with a warm splatter!  I promise that you won't be full of tension after we talk!


Height : 159cm   (5'3")
Body Measurements : 32 · 22 · 34
Bust Size : C cup


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