Just dial “Underground!”

phone sex girl named underground

Talking to "underground" (ちか) is like experiencing an explosion.  She is different; petite, white as milk, but cusses like a sailor!  Great personality, but strong a strong voice that will make you explode.  "I'm not perfect, but don't worry, I get the job done".  With her small body, C-cup tits, and long reddish-brown hair, she is perfect to me – and my favorite girl to call.  She loves to talk and to listen, but don't think she won't tell you what she thinks!  She is a powderkeg – – so CALL NOW!.


Height : 157cm   (5'2")
Body Measurements : 33 · 22 · 32
Bust Size : C cup





MasterCard & Visa Accepted.  $1.99 and up per minute.

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