Yes, I’ll “Do” Anything!


Phone Sex Expert Do

Men always laugh at my name, but it is true.  My real name is "Do" (のん), and I'll DO ANYTHING!  I'm 18, and I lost my virginity a while back.  But not to my boyfriend!  I wanted him to wait, so I chose this other guy that my friend said was good at making a girl happy.  She was right, he made me happy and I gave him my cherry as a reward.  My boyfriend thought he got my cherry a few weeks later.  Oops!  I have milky white, soft skin on a petite little body, that only a Japanese girl can have.  But you better be ready if you call me — I can give as good as I can get!  That is just my personality.  I don't like to chit-chat; I want to stand you up and bring you off.  I don't like to just lay back and do nothing, so be ready for me to take charge and ride you hard if you call.  I want you tired when you hang up!


Height : 151cm   (4'11")
Body Measurements : 33 · 23 · 33
Bust Size : D cup


Call DO!  1-800-307-3335


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